Update: Christmas Edition!

Happy Holidays to everyone!

I've just recently exported my blog from LiveJournal (http://sportsworld.livejournal.com/) to my Blogger (http://wideworldofsportsnews.blogspot.ca/)!

I may occasionally update my LiveJournal blog from time to time but from now on my Blogger here will be my home.

Check out the NBA Nightly Highlights: Christmas Edition if you've missed recently just 2 days ago from this post!

Removed broken images!

I've removed all old broken images now! :)

Mostly ones from Golf.com and a couple from SI.com.

I'm back!

Almost forgot about my blog on livejournal but I'm back now! :)

What made me remember was from receiving a comment email from one of my earlier posts :)

I've already begun fixing any broken links and images so stick around for more updates coming! :D

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Check out https://sites.google.com/site/supeaman/ ! A new website on Google Page Creator/Google Sites! It's so easy to use!

Make sure you Bookmark the website and check back often for updates on new designs and content every week!

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I've also made a link on the right-hand sidebar for convenience!

Always remember: Study hard, play hard! :)

(Edit: Because I've moved from LiveJournal to Blogger, the link is no longer along a right-hand sidebar! You can still click on the link directly above though! So no worries!)