FA Cup Final

Once again, it was the long awaited game between Chelsea and Manchester United in the FA Cup Final held in England. Though I did not watch this game, I was hoping that Manchester United had sealed the lead over Chelsea when I checked SI.com. I am pretty sure all the Chelsea and Man United fans desperately wanted the team they were cheering for to take home the FA Cup trophy this time around because almost 90 thousand people had turned up. According to the news, after 90 minutes during the normal regulation, it was still a goal-less draw between the two teams. During the last four minutes of extra-time, Didier Drogba of Chelsea had received a perfect pass from Frank Lampard to score the goal the Chelsea fans had been waiting for during the entire game. Sigh. This gave Chelsea a 1-0 win against Man United. Though I don't usually keep track of the times of soccer matches on ESPN, I do check SI.com quite frequently to keep me updated on the latest scores. It's just too unfortunate that Chelsea had scored in the last 4 minutes before a penalty-kick shootout, as I would predict Man United would have turned out to have scored more goals because they have the best players with excellent penalty-kicks.

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