Cleveland Cavaliers vs Detroit Pistons - Game 1 Eastern Finals!

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Man! I can't believe how sloppy and passive LeBron was playing!!! This picture here was the game winning three-pointer by Chauncey Billups. Look at LeBron! He did not even close out or contest against the shot! Chauncey Billups so should have been double teamed during the final minutes! He had already scored almost half of his team's points in the fourth quarter before making this last three-pointer to total just his fourth quarter score to 13 points. Boy, I can't even believe what LeBron did on their last play down the court. They had set their play up so well that LeBron could have taken his three-pointer to tie the game and let both teams go into overtime, but instead, he made a quick pass to Donyell Marshall, who's PPG (Points Per Game) this season has only been 3.8. LeBron's excuse was that Donyell Marshall had the open three-pointer to take, which he missed and set their team one game back. I don't believe LeBron though. He so could have gone through with their play and taken that last shot, but at the last fraction of a second, he changed his mind. I'm sure Donyell Marshall was shocked too at that time. He probably thought what on earth was going on and just had to throw the shot before the buzzer.

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