San Antonio Spurs vs Utah Jazz - Game 3 Western Finals!

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What a turn around performance by the Utah Jazz! All of their players were dominating the Spurs in the second half! Deron Williams, the point guard for the Jazz as in the picture above, had scored almost 1/3 of his team's total points! He even had eight assists and five steals! I kinda did expect the Jazz to win this game before it had started because if they didn't, they would have set themselves 3 games back to give the Spurs a 3-0 lead. The Jazz had outscored the Spurs in both 3 point field goals as well as the field goal points. I would think that the gap between the scores would have been closer if the Spurs had not substituted their bench players in because they probably had given up at the end of the third quarter. But then again, I guess it was a wise decision to make in order to save the energy of their star players for the next few games ahead.

I also think the Jazz were just feeling a lot more comfortable to be back on their home court to play against the Spurs. It's too bad that Tim Duncan was fouled early in the game. I saw his right eye was badly bruised when he was sitting on the beach. At the end of the game, he has commented that the Jazz were indeed playing very aggressive this time. He also said how tough it was to go against the way the Jazz approached the game, about how it was extremely hard to play defense with their form of offense.

Now that the score is at 2-1 for the Spurs, I'll be looking forward to more games as there will soon be a Game 5 ahead!

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