Falling Asleep - Mindset


Another key part about falling asleep is having the ability to clear your mind. By this I mean you really need to stop thinking. Stop working your mind. JUST STOP. It is easier said than done of course, but if your mind is working, or stuck on something, chances are, you are not making your body calm enough to fall asleep. So if you are one that finds it hard to clear your mind, try to think of happy events in the past, something satisfying, something non-stimulating. Maybe it's a pure white never-ending wall, maybe it's a rainbow, maybe it's that smile of your partner. I like to think about this the way computers work and the way they respond to shutting down as well. If your computer is under heavy load and you try to shut it down, it'll usually take a much longer time to clear everything up than if you were to tell it to shut down when not much is running.

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