Champions League Final - AC Milan vs Liverpool

Tough luck for Liverpool and their fans...including me. I woke up early today to watch the game, but sadly, Liverpool lost 2-1 to AC Milan. Filippo Inzaghi had scored both goals for AC Milan. In 2005, quite a similar thing happened back then. AC Milan were against Liverpool once again and they were facing a 3-0 lead by Liverpool at half-time, but lost in the penalty shoot-out when they climbed to a 3-3 game. It was noticeable that AC Milan really boosted up their aggressiveness and made the effort to defeat and not lose to Liverpool today.

Then again, I must say that this time, I think AC Milan did get a little lucky. They had an accidental deflection by their own team-mate and the ball ran past Liverpool's goalie for their 2nd goal.

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