Squash - Delia Arnold

Image source: TheStar.com

I've just also read another big achievement for a fellow Malaysian in The Star. The NSC Satellite No 3 Squash Tournament was held at the National Squash Centre in Bukit Jalil. Delia Arnold, just 21 years old, had beat her training partner, Lim Yoke Wah, in the women's finals to win her first professional squash title of her career. Delia had dominated throughout the game, winning all three matches with scores of 9-2, 9-5, and 9-2, to take home almost 1 thousand dollars! Now Delia is currently ranked 52nd in the Women's International Squash Players Association (WISPA) World Rankings!

What an achievement! She should be soaring up the charts in the near future if she keeps up her training to get better. She has jumped 4 spots from her previous position of 56 to 52. She has gotten to her place right now with only 11 months of professional squash playing experience! I think she is really going to have a lot of potential as in the future.

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