Examples of Hormones

The prolactin hormone is responsible for the formation of milk.

The somatotropin hormone is what's called the "growth hormone", as evidently from the description, is responsible for growth.

Sandy Allen was the worlds tallest woman.

Image source: Wikipedia.com

Robert Wadlow was the tallest around 1918 to 1940 which was the years he managed to live. He died at an early age because it is always hard for the body to sustain such a large size. Acromegaly is excessive pituitary hormone, which leads to abnormal bone growing. Likewise with "Andre the Giant", he died from heart failure.

Human growth hormone did exist as a medication. Sometimes it was used to treat the medical or genetic condition that results in an adult height of 4 feet 10 inches. Research has been done where they injected growth hormones in old people. The consequences included an increase in blood pressure and plasma glucose. Other side effects included carpal tunnel syndrome as well as breast enlargement. As a whole, no measurable improvements in muscle function or physical performance were observed in spite of improved muscle-fat distribution. We can safely say that trying this as an athlete to try to improve your performance will NOT work out well!

Not surprisingly, it is illegal now because of the aforementioned consequences.

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