Funky Allergies

One can be allergic to Urushiol in poison ivy / oak / Japanese lacquer tree. Poison ivy reactions do not spread. It is a contact dermatitis. Flip flops can also be a source of contact dermatitis  The metal nickel too. It is actually a very allergenic metal. It isn't a protein! It is also a contact dermatitis. 'Pure' gold may be gold mixed with nickel alloy so watch out!

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Other funky allergies include garlic, detergent, henna, dyes, latex (which unusually could lead to papaya and banana allergies as well), water, etc. These are all contact allergies. They could very well affect the whole body because it can travel in the blood stream. Some people even have a photoallergy. No, this isn't the condition where one is allergic to photos or taking photos. This refers to being allergic to the sun or some other light. The origin of the cause is still quite a mystery at this point.

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