Types of Allergies

Image source: Wikipedia.com

Peanut allergies can be lethal. Research has shown that this form of allergy seems to be geographic. Handling something from someone who reacted to some allergy can cause allergies too. So make sure to be aware of this! Allergies are also very genetic.

If you have a severe allergic reaction, adrenalin is something that could save your life! But it should definitely be administered with benadryl, which is an antihistamine. Adrenalin only buys you time, so you still have to be monitored! Also, exposure at the right time depends if allergies will develop or not. Very early could be good, any later could be bad.

Anaphylaxis is a common consequence to insect stings. These usually involve a rapid progression, which is a serious matter as it can be life threatening!

Contact dermatitis is a type of reaction on the skin. There are two types: irritant or immune system mediated. For example, detergent allergy is immune system mediated, whereas pickle juice is acidic and is considered an irritant.

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