2007 Masters Tournament

Image source: CNN.com

What a shock for everyone! This year's 2007 Masters Tournament has been won by Zach Johnson, who has only been playing in the PGA for less than four years. Though he has been missing the cut for 7 out of his 11 majors during his career, he seems to have passed the top players, including Tiger Woods and Vijay Singh! I think that's a huge accomplishment! With such limited experience competing fully with the top players of the PGA, I really look up to Zach Johnson's achievement. I think this is going to be a sign to the top players, like Tiger and Vijay to step up their game by practice even harder.  As this year's Masters Tournament was over 4 rounds, I don't think Zach's win was from luck at all. I really feel he deserves winning almost 1 million dollars for his hard work and determination, especially on his last round, which he finished 3 under par to put him in the place to win first place overall.

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