2007 NHL Playoffs!

Image source: SI.com

The 2007 NHL Playoffs will be starting soon! I still can't believe I almost forgot about it. As you can probably see, I have been sucked into the NBA Playoffs a bit too much. But I haven't missed any NHL action yet! Hehe. The NHL Finals will be between the Anaheim Ducks and the Ottawa Senators, starting next Monday. I'll be cheering for the Anaheim Ducks because I don't have any favorite players in the Senators. Teemu Selanne of the Ducks is one of my favorite players because he scores with the puck really well. I just checked the Stats Page on SI.com to find him in 3rd place for the most goals scored so far!

Well check back soon because there's going to be some great games coming up in the NHL Playoffs! (As well as more from the NBA of course!)

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